Food Not Bombs is a community-run & volunteer-run food system, sustained by you / us. The time, energy and resources each person provides is what makes this happen, and is appreciated by all! Let's keep it going.

Ways You Can Volunteer:

  1. Bring a vegan dish, entree, baked good, etc. to share at our Saturday serving vegan potluck. This doesn’t need to be lot, bring what you’re comfortable with. The more people bring food, the more we have to go around. Be prepared to share any allergens that your dish may contain (soy, nuts, nightshades, etc.). Prioritize using ingredients from produce giveaways, or items that would have otherwise been thrown out (see "things to keep in mind" section below).

  2. Serve food to people in the line.

  3. Bring battery operated lights (lantern, head lamp, rechargeable LED, etc)

  4. Transport meals. If you have the means to transport meals (ideally by bike trailer or other non-car transport), we could potentially get more food to people.

  5. Help clean up the area after serving

  6. Not sure how to help? The best way to find out how you’d like to help, is to show up and see how it all works!

Things To Keep In Mind

Part of Food Not Bombs’ mission is to collect and redistribute surplus foods that would have otherwise been thrown out – by grocery stores, farmers, businesses, individuals, etc. Our weekly meals are prepared using this same mindset. You can use ingredients you have on hand, or those acquired via the community – for example:

Our goal is to minimize buying and spending money on ingredients. Volunteers get first pick of produce / tofu / bread, and may eat first (being mindful of portions so there is enough to go around).

Pack in, Pack out – When you bring something to share, remember to take home any containers / pots / pans / utensils you brought. This is a community effort, and we don’t want to create any additional tasks for others beyond their desired commitment.

THIS IS NOT A DROP-OFF – Please don't bring a dish or other item and just leave it on the school grounds for others to deal with. If you would like to donate produce, food or another item, please contact us first so that we don't have unclaimed items at the end of serving!


Why do we serve each other rather than serve ourselves?

So we can:


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