The best donation to Food Not Bombs is food that would otherwise go to waste. If you work in a restaurant or a store, or if you're a farmer, and you have extra food that otherwise will go to waste, feel free to contact us. We currently accept food that is vegan, and preferably organic / no spray. We accept expired food, if the expiration date is recent, and the food appears safe to eat. Feel free to bring donations to our servings.​

Time and Effort

A donation of your time as a volunteer is also a great gift to us! We always need people to document what we do in photos and videos, help out with graphic design and social media, seek out donations and build relationships in the community, tune up our bikes and trailers, clean and sort things in our kitchen, make food, help out with bike transport, and help serve the meal.

Money 😥

Last, but not least, we do use money for things we cannot get donated, even though that is not our preference. Feel free to bring cash to our servings if you would like to make a monetary donation.